New Final Fantasy XV Theory Suggests Two Main Characters Are Gay

Final Fantasy XV has just been freshly released but is is already filled with guides, tips, strategies, and theories. Speaking of theories, the latest and most controversial of all is that two of FFXV's main characters are gay, and there are scenes that prove them according to fans.

It's not new in the gaming world for fans to create homosexual connotations to straight characters in different games. It is also not the first time that Final Fantasy fans extract gay subtext from the gameplay. With the release of Final Fantasy XV, however, a new spark of interest about two of its characters being gay has resurfaced.

Fans are now imagining that Noctis and Prompto have a relationship more than the usual bromance, and they gave several reasons why. First of all, it is the first Final Fantasy game that does not feature any female playable characters. The first female to appear, Cindy, isn't playable and does not impact the game in any way.

The second reason and the basis for all this gayness is Noctis and Prompto's long history of friendship. Among the four characters, only Prompto and Noctis has an organic history based on friendship and loyalty. Gladiolus and Ignis are more of a mentor for Noctis with both of them holding important roles in Noctis' life.

The theory even got stronger with a GIF from the actual gameplay that suggests the further gayness of the character. It shows Prompto falling in battle while Noctis rushes off to catch him from falling. It was an innocent moment but fans can't help putting some color to it to further push the Prompto/Noctis pairing which they nicknamed Promptis.

The fans will have more fun in the future with this pairing, especially now that you can dress up the characters, take a photo of them, and share it with the rest of the community. There are exciting days ahead of Final Fantasy XV as players progress through their gameplay.

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