Final Fantasy XV Tips: All You Need To Learn Before Playing

Final Fantasy XV is out and you're joining Noctis and his friends on a journey to save his beloved Lucis. The road will be filled with adventure and fraught with danger. Therefore, you need to be well-prepared before starting out so here are some Final Fantasy XV tips you need to know before you drive away with your friends.

First of all, no matter what happens, don't do the tutorial. Why? Because it's boring and you don't want to get bored even before you start out on your journey. Delve right into the game in order to get the feel and hang of it.

One of the first items you need to acquire is Ignis' Regroup ability which heals all members of the group. This ability will save your team from danger many times. In order to unlock this node, you have to use the Sphere grid-like system called Ascension. This system will allow you to unlock the nodes in the game. After getting Regroup, unlock the other nodes that let you acquire AP when using chocobos.

Final Fantasy XV is very different than other Final Fantasy games because it lets you use Defend more because your enemies can hit hard. When you see the square button on the screen, press it and be ready to hit the circle immediately to launch a counter-attack.

Your weapons also matter because different enemies are immune to some and weak against the others. Thus, one of the Final Fantasy XV tips that proves helpful is consider the weapons you use. You'll have a much easier time figuring out the strengths and weaknesses of your enemies by using Ignis' Analyze ability which scans the weak and strong points of your opponents.

Lastly, take your time playing the game. There's no sense rushing off to finish the game as you might miss out some things that can add more to your gameplay.

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