Final Fantasy XV Guide: 7 More Tips To Help You Throughout The Game

By Jonna Marcaida Calagui , Nov 30, 2016 09:06 AM EST

After a decade of waiting, Final Fantasy XV is finally here. Even if you are an avid fan of the Final Fantasy series, FFXV brings about plenty of changes to the gameplay. That said, you would need some tips to get to the game easier and play it better. This post will walk you through some more tips to help you get through the game.

Play The Demo And Tutorial

Of course, one of the best ways to get through Final Fantasy XV is to play the available demo and tutorial. Playing the combat tutorial will help you get a feel of the combat mode in FFXV. More than that, you can also have a quick walkthrough on the world of Eos, which is where the setting of Final Fantasy XV takes place. Upon playing the combat tutorial, pay attention to important combat elements like warping, blocking, striking, using magic and taking advantage of your team's techniques.

Be On The Hunt

Final Fantasy XV is all about action. The only way that you can level up is when you gain enough experience. How? Always be on the hunt. You will always find new monsters to hunt in FFXV in almost every location available in the game. The goal is, you slay those monsters to get the experience you need. Don't worry, bringing down beast in Final Fantasy XV will be your major source of fun in the game. If you want to gain more rewards, level and fatten up your Gil pouch, then hunting down beasts and taking them to battles would be the thing to do.

Do The Stamina Refresh Hack

Final Fantasy XV will let you travel by either driving or running. Driving is quicker but it limits your movement since the royal Regalia will not be of any use to you if it's not on the road. Therefore, you will find yourself on your feet a lot more than behind the wheel. If you want to run with speed, then you have to sprint. But sprinting is limited by the amount of stamina you have. Without enough stamina, you will slow down into the game, which can be frustrating for you. The good news is that there is a hack you can do to instantly refresh your stamina and make you sprint faster.

Just look at the stamina bar when you sprint. When you only see a sliver of stamina left, quickly release the sprint button on the controller, count a second and hold it down again. This will make you sprint like Flash in a spurt of instant speed and your stamina bar will be back to being full in no time. Sweet.

Level Up By Resting

One unique feature of Final Fantasy XV is that it lets you level up by resting. You will still be able to level up by completing quests and slaying monsters but that is the standard way of leveling up. You can actually achieve it just the same by simply resting. You have two places of rest to choose: hotels or campsites.

Staying at hotels is expensive but doing so will provide your team with an experience multiplier. This can help you late in the game since you also have to pay to multiply your experience by three. On the other hand, staying at campsites allow Ignis to cook a meal for the team. These meals provide temporary status boosts. The more complex the cooked meal is, the better the status boosts are. Which place to stay on is better? You decide.

Ride A Chocobo

Chocobos are those huge tame yellow birds you see from the Final Fantasy series. These birds are actually for rent and are a very good means of traveling if you don't want to always drive or you don't want Noctis' legs to fall off from frequent sprinting. However, you cannot ride a Chocobo unless you have a ticket, which you can get once you finish a quest. Chocobos are important in Final Fantasy XV because they can go where cars cannot go. Besides, a running, gliding, dashing and swimming bird is much better than just running.

Staying Out At Night Is NOT Recommended

The world of Eos is pretty scary when night falls. Powerful Daemons love the dark and it's the time of day when they choose to come out to play. Unless you are on a hunt or you have a quest to finish, being out so late at night will not really be good for you in the early stages of playing Final Fantasy XV. You see, plenty of powerful monsters love to play at night. Seeing those dark Iron Giants spawn right out of the ground might look cool and fun but getting them out of your space as early as when you're just starting the game will not be cool. Two scenarios might probably happen here: you die early into the game or your team will be crushed under their feet with just a few powerful hits.

Wait If You Must

Final Fantasy XV comes with two new combat modes to cater the rookies and veterans of the game: the Active mode and Wait mode. The two combat modes can be easily switched even if you are in the middle of a battle using the Start button menu. If you're still a newbie to the Final Fantasy games, especially the latest FFXV, then you better use the Wait mode to slow down the combat time. Once activated, Noctis will be able to stand still, scan every enemy's HP and check out their weaknesses. This way, you will be able to formulate the best weapon or magic to use to beat your opponent. Even if you're a veteran, activating the Wait mode in combat allows you to get a breather from being overwhelmed by your enemies.

Stay tuned for more Final Fantasy XV guides in the coming days. So what do you think of our beginner tips for FFXV? Let us know in the comments section below.

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