Titanfall 2 News, Update: Latest DLC 'Angel City's Most Wanted' Is Finally Here, What's New?

Titanfall 2's latest DLC has arrived. Players are excited that Angel City is included in the game. The DLC will include easter eggs, remastered map of the city and many more. The players need to be attentive to what will they get or discover while playing.

Titanfall 2's 'Angel City's Most Wanted' New Features

The first DLC of Titanfall 2 includes a new titan kit, GameSpot reported. The first is Ronin, which has a Phase Reflex that lets it escape any danger. For Tone, Burst Loader allows the players to aim up to 40 mm and load up to three shots before firing. While Ion has Refraction Lens that has been added, which splits the Splitter Rifle o five.

According to the patch notes posted in the forums of Titanfall 2, there are other titan kits mentioned such as Threat Optics that allows the players to zoom in their enemies. Another titan kit is Scorched Earth. It lets the player burn the ground using Flame Core.

New contents on Titanfall 2 are added. The player can get new looks for their titans. The player can also customize his titan with the use of Nose Arts and Warpaint skin. An instant access to 20 new and exclusive Callsign Banners and 10 Callsign Patches.

Other features are also included. The players using PS4 while streaming will have a new button next to it. New additions to the in-game store of Titanfall 2 are up for purchase such as Camo Pack, Prime Titans and Titan Art Packs.

What Is The Hidden Easter Egg Of Titanfall 2?

As per Polygon, Respawn Entertainment wants the players to see Nessie in different locations of the game. It is a doll that is hidden in the multiplayer campaign of the game. However, some fans are not able to locate it because it is not noticeable.

Some Titanfall 2 fans have seen Nessie in the pilot training mission. The developer is hoping that at least one player can spot the doll in different hiding places. Hopefully, the players will be observant on what are the things around them.

Titanfall 2 have been modified for a better gameplay. Players are very eager to learn the new and improved map of Angel City and also to learn how the added options work. Respawn made sure that the update will give the players new reasons to be more excited.

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