'Dance Moms' Season 7 Episode 1 Recap: Abby Announced Kicking Out Some Dancers; Mini Moms More Furious Than Ever

The Junior Elite Team and the Minis on "Dance Moms"
The Junior Elite Team and the Minis during their group performance on "Dance Moms" season 7 premiere. Photo : DanceMoms LOVER/Youtube

Abby Lee Miller and her dance class students are back after just a week of hiatus on "Dance Moms" season 7. Trailers have been revealing that the season premiere entitled "Fight for Your Life" will feature Abby announcing her plans of making one Super Team where she has to cut out some of her dancers and possibly take some new faces in.

As always, "Dance Moms" season 7, episode 1 started with a heavy drama as the Junior Elite moms came back to L.A. to hear what Abby's announcement is all about. Confrontations started early in the season as Abby and the Junior Elite moms again had their face off.

The moms explained their part on why they walked out on Abby and said that their daughters needed some time away from her and her degrading remarks. In the conversation of the moms before they go to ALDC, they brainstormed about possible reasons on why they should go back or why they should not. Kira assumed that Abby will not apologize - which is what they all want to happen - but she clearly needs them that is why they were invited back to LA.

The moms then agreed to go and find out if Abby will take them back and see if she already cares for her dancers.

Abby And The Junior Elite Moms Talking

Abby recounted the moms walking out on her and betraying her by going to another studio. She made her point and said that the moms should have not taught their daughters to go against their mentor. Jill then defended their decision and said that Abby tried to sabotage the Junior Elite team. She then asked Abby if she wants the team back or not, and Abby then agreed that they should be back in her studio.

The ALDC coach then said she has a big announcement to make which the girls need to hear. Yet before she drops the bombshell, she first met with the Minis and their moms. She told the group that she feels obligated to teach the Junior Elite dancers not to be a quitter, hinting on the return of the elites.

Abby agreed that she wants them. Ashlee said they tried and failed to compete without Abby. Abby revealed she has an announcement the girls need to hear but has something to say to the Minis first. Abby hugged the Minis and mini moms.

Abby Announces Her Plans

Abby was commending the efforts of the Minis during the previous season when the Junior Elite Team suddenly entered the studio. Their entrance shocked the Minis moms and the next thing we saw was the confrontation between Holly and Stacey.

Stacey expressed that Abby is being unfair again by taking back the team that turned her down. Abby then pitched her announcement by pointing out that handling two teams was chaotic. She then said that by the end of the week, she's going to send some dancers home and will be handling only one team.

She then clarified that their behavior and their dance stints will determine who will stay with ALDC and who will go.

Jill then agreed and said that it is what they wanted - to get Abby's full attention as they had experienced being taken for granted over the past months. She also said that she doesn't want any Minis on the team.

Abby then said that each dancer is given an equal chance as the others and that they are all at risk of being sent home. She said that she wants dancers who are actually passionate about what they do. Kerri then took her daughter Payton, walked out and said, "Thank you for your time." This then made them automatically out of Abby's list.

The moms already understood that Abby is the type of person who will make things hard for those whom she does not like. She makes it to a point that they suffer a lot and press them down, only so they will get discouraged, underperform and at the end Abby will come out to be the winner.

Jill then said that Kerri did the right thing when she walked out since Abby has been calling her a trash for so many times and won't have to hear it ever again.

Rehearsals Start For Abby's Biggest Audition For Her Super Team

While some rumors went out that the Minis will be replacing the Junior Elites, some leaked information recently swirled that members of the Minis were all sent back home by the show's producers. With the Elites back and with Abby growing dearer to the Minis for winning in their previous competition, fans are now confused at this point who among the teams will actually get their tickets for their ride home.

Holly still believes that Abby will take most of the Minis. The Minis moms then continued to talk, predicting how this inter-studio competition will end up. The Minis moms and the Elite moms then had an exchange of bitter words, telling one another how each one will fail to make it to the final team.

The Rehearsals And More Confrontations

Abby started the solo rehearsals and talked to Brynn and Kendall telling them that rivalry will help them. She pointed out that her studio won 14 times in a row when her dancers thought of their mates as competition.

During the rehearsals, Jill felt aggravated and blew up questioning why Abby always gives Kendall absurd costumes and props and compares her to other dancers like Brynn. She thinks that Abby is favoring other kids over Kendall, hence her rants. While others started butting in, Jill then walked out mad.

The group then headed to Las Vegas for the Sheer Talent. There had been more confrontation and more theorizing during the competition, but Abby still stood to be the judge and not the moms. As for the competition results, Kendall only ended up third while Brynn nabbed the first place for the solo. The group, on the other hand, also got first place.

The results led the moms to another discussion and Abby then dropped hints on who she really wants to retain, saying ALDC will probably do better having the Minis. She insisted though that she was not yet ready to make her final decision then walked out.

Who Abby cuts is expected to be revealed on the next episode as "Dance Moms" season 7 returns on Dec. 6 at 9:00 PM on Lifetime.

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