Prince Harry To Ditch A Royal Holiday Tradition To Spend Time With Hollywood Girlfriend Meghan Markle?

It has recently been confirmed that Royal Prince Harry is dating "Suits" actress, Meghan Markle. However, reports have claimed that the Royal Family may not be in full approval of Prince Harry dating a Hollywood actress, after reportedly ditching a Royal Holiday Tradition to be with his girlfriend.

Prince Harry Wants His Girlfriend Meghan Markle To Join Royal Family's Holiday Tradition In The Estate Of The Queen

The Royal Family are certainly big on family traditions, especially during the holidays when the whole family would gather at the real estate of Queen Elizabeth II in Norfolk, England. The rules are extremely strict, specifying that only family could join. However, reports have claimed that Prince Harry is pushing his Hollywood actress girlfriend to join the three-day celebration. This request was of course debunked, causing Prince Harry to be upset. He among all people should understand the rules of being in the Royal Family, and the Queen of England is in no interest in bending any of those for the prince.

Moreover, the Prince is allegedly upset and is planning to ditch the holiday tradition to spend time with his girlfriend, Meghan Markle. The two have hardly spent any time together since they were rumored to be dating, since the actress is currently filming for her series "Suits" in Canada while Prince Harry is travelling all over the globe. The holidays may be the only time for them to be able to spend time together. However, it is still unlikely that the actress could join the event, especially when now Duchess Kate Middleton wasn't able to join also until she was married to Prince William.

Prince William Does Not Condone Prince Harry Blurting Out Relationship With The Actress

Speaking of whom, reports have claimed that Prince William is not supportive of how Prince Harry decided to blurt out and announce that she was dating the "Suits" actress. He understood where his younger brother was coming from, for calling out the press to stop harassing the actress and her family. However, it may not be a good call since now that they have admitted their relationship, instead of backing off, the press would all the more follow the couple around and confirm some spending time together. All in all, it looks like the relationship with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may have more obstacles than they have anticipated.

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