Cheryl Cole Finally Answered All The Questions With Her Baby Bump

At last, all the questions about her pregnancy was answered by flashing her baby bumps yesterday. Cheryl Cole is about to be a mother and she is visibly happy about it.

The rumours started two months ago when Cheryl Cole was reportedly having issues with her health. She was nauseous and feeling sick every day. Speculations circled in when one of the insiders said that the former Judge of X Factor UK is pregnant. At that time, the news wasn't that big since there is no supporting evidence about the claim.

Cheryl Cole' Resignation As X Factor UK Judge

The pregnancy issue was debunked before it was even proved due to various issues surrounding the pop star icon. Rumour has it that the main reason why she left X Factor UK was because of his relationship with Simon Cowell. One of the producers slammed the issue and states that the reason why Cheryl Cole left X Factor is because of her personal issues. It was not properly disclosed on what the personal issue was but Cheryl did agree with it.

Although she is no longer part of the epic show, Cheryl is still active and constantly watches X Factor UK. When she was asked on who she picks to win X Factor 2016, she picked Honey G. A lot of fans were shocked with her choice but Cheryl was defiant with her pick. The reason why she picked Honey G is because her nephew and niece are amazed by the wannabe rapper.

Marriage And Due Date Of Pregnancy

Right now, Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne are taking their time towards their relationship. Cheryl Cole was already granted a decree with her divorce but not yet ready to marry again. Cheryl's love life is fully documented and with two divorce under her belt, taking time is what she needed. The future parents are excited to see their baby and they are opting for it to be a baby girl. Her expected due date will be in August next year.

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