The Craziest Facts You Didn´t Knew About Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs
The most known controversies of Steve Jobs are not only the fact that he is adopted, but also that he gave any money to charity and didn't recognize his daughter, claiming that he was sterile.
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Of every single inventor that existed in the 20th century, Steve Jobs could be easily considered as one of the most important figures in that period and in the history, considering what he achieved with his company and the way he took technology into a whole new level of greatness and utility in our lives. Although there has been documentaries and movies about him, there are some crazy facts about his life that many people don't know, and here are the most incredible of them.

He Used Drugs In His Youth

There is some strange relation between intellectuals and important innovators with drugs, giving the fact that instead of existing a gray area in this issue, some of them actually hate narcotics and some others doesn´t love it but never said a bad word about it. This is a controversial discussion that also includes people in other areas as art or entertainment, but in this case, I´m talking about one of the most important minds in the history of mankind.

Believe it or not, Steve Jobs used LSD when he was young, and far from rejecting this experience and feeling ashamed about it, the Apple co-founder said that using this drug was one of the most important things he done in his entire life, which could represent a surprise for those who believed that he was just this kind of rigid inventor and businessmen that didn't have anything to do with something as acid. However, many believe that this could actually be one of the reasons behind his unique perspective of things, along with his genius.

Steve Jobs Was A Pescetarian

Steve Jobs was not a regular dude who would eat a cheeseburger and a milkshake, so this is just a very crazy fact about him that doesn't necessarily could be considered as surprising. If you don´t know what pescetarian is, let´s say that is the same as being a vegetarian, with the exception that the only meat you can eat is fish.

However, he didn't start like this, considering that Jobs actually spend some time as a fruitarian, but didn't last too long in this kind of diet in which you can only eat fruits, grains, nuts seeds, and vegetables. The thing about this was that not having the sufficient nutrients, Apple co-founder had the risk of suffering delicate health issues because of it, so he decided to change to pescetarian. Apparently, those who follow this diet have a 34 percent less chances of suffering a heart disease.

He Was A Zen Buddhist And Didn´t Went To College

First of all, the fact that he followed this religion could have represented a huge contradiction, considering that Zen Buddhism is characterized by having a non-attachment philosophy, and Steve Jobs was one of the wealthiest persons on earth. However, his commitment to this religion was so deep that he almost became a monk and his guru married him and his wife.

By the other hand, the Apple co-founder was another great example of a genius who didn't graduate from the college, as Microsoft boss Bill Gates and Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg. Just as these two university dropouts, Steve Jobs only went to one semester at the Reed College and then quitted.

Of course, he dedicated his time programming and making computers, and later creating one of the most important tech businesses in the history. Although this could be seen as another contradiction, it is a fact that if someone possesses incredible genius and the will to develop its intelligence into any kind of invention, and that going to college wouldn't be so necessary to materialize the dreams. Naturaly, Steve Jobs is the best example of it.

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