Vikings Season 4 Episode 11 Spoiler: The King Has Returned, Lodbrok Wants Ragnar

Vikings Season 4 Episode 11 will be a must see episode. King Ragnar will return but upon his comeback he will face some familiar faces who wants his throne badly.

King Ragnar Lothbrok Has Returned

It's been years since Ragnar Lothbrok returned to his kingdom and upon his return, he will face a familiar foe. King Ragnar has been busy during the Paris Battle but during those times, there was an eminent power struggle. He was once a powerful king of the Norsemen but not until he fled the war front. Rollo defeated him and he got no choice but to move. The move also started the defeat of Norsemen. It was perceived as a gutless, non-king move.

Bjorn is obsessed with regards to ruling Kattegat. He even hates his father so much that he is willing to go toe to toe with his old man. The arrival of King Ragnar will surprise Bjorn and he is left with two choices only. Either he will retain his kingship which will cost chaos or accept his father as the disgraced king."I couldn't be more excited for the audience to see what's going to happen, because it's going to blow their mind," said Alexander Ludwig who plays Lagertha's son. Apparently, Bjorn's character is being developed and as per producers and co-actors, it will defy the series and the actors career.

The Outsider

Ever since he made his move, the King is considered as the Outsider. Ragnar must act quickly in order to win his people's heart but it won't be easy. Lodbrok and Bjorn will be a torn upon his return and they can't wait for the King to fail in his own kingdom. "We've propelled 'Vikings' to the topmost level of historical drama as we follow storylines inspired by real life events such as Bjorn Ironside sailing through the Mediterranean and Ivar the Boneless becoming the most feared warrior of all time. It's not a story of one man, but a saga of Ragnar and his sons," Hirst told Variety in September.

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