Android Malware Called Gooligan Compromised A Million Google Accounts: Could You Be One Of The Victims?

By Luis Fran , Nov 30, 2016 07:44 PM EST

Researches from the security firm Check Point Software Technologies have revealed that an Android malware called Gooligan has compromised more than a million Google accounts since August, with the delicate detail that hundreds of them are related to enterprise users. The attack infected Android smartphones, and the main goal was to force the users into downloading apps as part of a colossal advertising fraud structure, making around $320,000 per month.

Gooligan Can Easily Get Access To Version 4 And Version 5

According to Ars Technica, the security firm explained that the Android malware have been found in 86 apps available in third-party marketplaces. Apparently, once it was installed, Gooligan uses a process that is known as rooting, which gains highly privileged system access to smartphones´ running version 4 and version 5 of Google´s Android operating system, which accounts for about 4 percent of users.

However, Android security engineer, Adrian Ludwig, explained that there´s no evidence that any kind of information was accessed from compromised accounts or that any individual user was targeted by Gooligan. Regarding this detail, he also said that the tech giant has been using Verify Apps, which is a service that scans individual handsets for any form of signs of the Android malware or other Ghost Push apps, sending the device´s owner a warning when is detected.

The Android Malware Is Spreading At An Alarming Rate

According to Forbes, the Android malware is actually spreading very fast, and since the start of November it´s been achieving an average of more than 10,000 new infections every single day, as researches at Check Point announced. Apparently, Gooligan gains the foothold on the smartphones when user downloads a third-party app or visit a website, considering that visitors are encouraged to download software to be able to access the content.

Naturally, the Android malware represents a very delicate situation that even you could be facing, since this is a delicate crime that just as any other of this kind, no one expected. Any Android user that has downloaded apps from third-party market may visit Check Point website to look for a list of the 86 apps that can contain Gooligan.

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