Huawei Mate 9 Receives A Colossal Software Update As Its Official Release Gets Closer

Huawei´s flagship Mate 9 has received a huge software update just before its release in Europe in a few days, fixing some of the issues that the smartphone pre-release firmware has showed. With the update, some of the most concerning software issues are now solved, to the point in which even the notifications- the weakest point that almost every Huawei smartphone has had- are now fixed, and the camera has been tweaked so it could roll with more quality.

The Software Update Would Determine Its Chances Of Being Succesful In The US Market

According to Softpedia, the software update is extremely important for Huawei´s interest, giving the fact that the mobile device will also be released in the U.S., and if everything goes as the company is expecting, it could mean that the Chinese smartphone maker would increase its power to the point in which it could a major threat to Samsung and Apple, which are the two biggest smartphone makers in the world.

In fact, Huawei´s boss recently told that he wanted to overcome the Cupertino company as the second smartphone manufacturer in two years, and then beat the South Korean giant by 2020, which seems as a very complicated mission whose possibilities are strongly determined by its performance in the U.S. market, which has been some kind of unknown territory for Huawei, and with this software update it could start its journey in the best way possible.

The Software Update Has Improved The Camera Pretty Much

According to Android Central, the most amazing detail about the software update is regarding the camera, considering that it have some new improvements that could be good news for customers. The company added up to 6X hybrid zoom and its interface has been tweaked so it could snap to 2X zoom much faster than usual. However, the software update also brings general improvements in fine detail rendering and color accuracy in the entire board, as well as an awesome in low-light moments. If the Mate 9 wanted to start big, now it has the chance.

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