Pokemon Go Update: Christmas Event Set To Increase Spawn Rate For Some Pokemon; Legendaries, Gen 2 To Be Finally Released?

All Ash's Snorlax moves
What exciting Pokemon would show up during Chritmas week? Read here to find out. Photo : YouTube / Light Yagami5

Pokemon Go's December update is speculated to include a legendary event. This would bring more than just the already expected Christmas event which fans have patterned after the successful Halloween event. Anonymous 'insider' tipsters all over Pokemon Go networks have advised all trainers to stock up on Pidgeys.

Pidgey may not play an important role for Christmas in Pokemon Go but they are very common and are the number one source for XP grinding along with Weedle and Caterpie. But Pidgey are the most common creatures since they virtually pop out from almost anywhere the trainer goes.

Christmas will surely have an event that is similar to Halloween and Thanksgiving. It is highly anticipated that Niantic will give Pokemon Go a big bang before the year ends. With that said, tips from all over the Pokemon Go network have said that a bunch of uncommon Pokemon will have an increased spawn rate.

If you pattern it after Halloween where spooky Pokemon had their spawn rates increased, Christmas will have its own set of Pokemon to increase in appearance in Pokemon Go. The following Pokemon are expected to be of abundance this Christmas event:

Staryu, a star-like Pokemon which has a golden-brown color resembles that of the real world's starfish. Its five appendages surround its core which is protected by a golden ring that is looped around one of its 'legs'. Staryu can grow back its appendages when cut, provided its core of red jewel is intact.

Starmie, an evolved Staryu. This Pokemon is a violet sea star-like creature. Starmie has an extra set of five apendages which can spin 360°. This Pokemon can generate electrical waves from its core and are said to have enough power to reach the edges of the universe.

Clefairy, a bipedal Pokémon with a chubby almost star-shaped pink body. A small, pointed tooth protrudes from the upper left corner of its mouth. Clefairy is very a shy Pokemon and rarely appears before humans.

Clefable, a timid creature that runs away when it senses people, and it is said to be world's rarest Pokémon. Clefable has sensitive ears that it can hear a coin dropped from half a mile away. Due to its acute hearing, it prefers quiet areas to live in peace.

Seel, a Pokemon that lives on icebergs and in frigid ocean waters. Seel's very warm fur combined with thick hide enable it swim in very cold waters, say -40°F.

Dewgong, a Pokemon that also lives on icebergs same with Seel. Dewgong become very effective in very low temperatures. It searches for prey during night time when temperatures drop.

Snorlax, everybody's favorite sleeping Pokemon. Snorlax is found in forests and mountains. It only wakes up to exercise and eat. You can view his movesets on the video below this article.

Another speculation for the Christmas event is that generation 2 Pokemon are said to be introduced in Pokemn Go. This would make a great Holiday gift for all active Pokemon Go trainer. Keep your fingers crossed and keep gaming.

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