NES Classic Edition vs. Retro Freak: Battle Between The Nostagia Consoles

NES Classic Edition vs. Retro Freak: Battle Between The Nostagia Consoles
As the first generation to play on consoles gets older and older - and as technology continues to develop - there is a growing thirst to go back to roots, which the NES CLassic Edition and Retro Freak are both capable of quenching. Photo : IGN/YouTube

The gaming generation is getting older and older - there is no denying that. Why else would a device like the NES Classic Edition, of which the main selling point is that it provides an experience that reminds players of childhood, sell out so quickly? Likewise, why have similar products, such as the Retro Freak, are growing in number?

There is nothing wrong with growing older, especially when companies like Nintendo provide outlets that will satisfy a nostalgic craving. However, it is definitely not the only company cashing in on the trend. There is also Cyber Gadget, a lesser known Japanese Company, which manufactures Retro Freak - which some have claimed is a better buy.

When the NES Classic Edition was released, the public jumped on the chance to buy the remake of the 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System. It was a smaller version of the older console and came preinstalled with 30 of the best and most memorable retro games. It included "The Legend Of Zelda," "Final Fantasy," "Donkey Kong" and a few "Mario" titles as well.

The reviews were generally positive. The games worked well on the console and play was just as expected. The revamped design allowed players to see older games on modern television screens, still pixelated but much sharper. The NES Mini sold out quickly and has been a hot item in the market every since.

But as Forbes notes, there is one major fault in the NES Classic Edition, which the Retro Freak gracefully answers. That is, that players who buy the Nintendo console are stuck with the games that the company decided to include with. There is no way to expand its roster or replace the titles that are already there.

On the contrary, the Retro Freak does not have that kind of limitation. As the publication notes, the unit from Cyber Gadget allows individuals to play a wide variety of titles on all kinds of platforms. To do so, players simply need to load an old cartridge into the machine, which is connected to the television set.

Trusted Reviews add that the unit can is compatible withFamicom, Super Famicom / SNES, Mega Drive / Genesis, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance and PC Engine games out of the box. However, adding adapters will allow players to run Master System and NES games. The only limit is finding these cartridges.

Another great selling point of the Retro Freak is that the device has a feature that allows owners to transfer the games from cartridges to SD cards. This feature is beneficial in two ways, the first of which is that the feature saves the game into a more modern and stable platform. The second is that it makes the games transferable and playable though other emulators - in the PC for example.

Of course, the clear detriment here is that owners will need to find these cartridges, whether this means looking through old items or purchasing them online. Most often than not, interested buyers will have this hurdle to jump over first. On the other hand, the games on the NES Classic Edition - though limited - are well within reach.

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