League of Legends Player Is One Of The Highest Paid Esport Talents In History

It's safe to safe that Esport is now one of the fastest growing markets today and one of the most prominent Esports is the MOBA League of Legends. Aside from the huge support of the community, sponsorships and advertisements generally contributed to the success of the professional Esport player. And today, an insider close to one of the best talents in LoL has revealed an astonishing earnings of being the top.

Faker is League of Legends' Highest Paid Pro Player

It's safe to say that Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok has already reached the pinnacle of success in League of Legends. As a competitive player to date, the Korean mid laner already has a myriad of accolades and multiple awards thanks to his team's impressive run throughout the past four years, earning them the first team to have had three World Championships.

Just recently, an insider close to Faker has leaked the contract between him and SKT Telecom T1 and it revealed astonishing proposal for the professional player. According to the source' Twitter post, SKT offered $2.5 million per-year contract with Faker which does not include his current and future sponsorships as well as the new Revenue Sharing Program which Riot has just recently established.

Best Player In League Of Legends

The revenue of Faker is backed by the multiple successes that the Korean player has established over the duration of his career. Although one may argue that it's a bit hefty, it's essentially fitting for the player considering that he's deemed as the best player in League of Legends today. After their recent success in World Championship, Faker was then nominated in the Game Awards 2016 for the category of Best Esports Player; which consequently boosted his popularity onto the masses.

This surge of popularity, in addition to his team's dominance in the pro scene, undoubtedly gives a huge boost to Faker's net worth in general. It wouldn't be surprising that the Korean player will have more peripheral endorsements particularly from Razer in the near future.

What do you think of SKT Telecom T1's offer to Faker? Do you consider him as the best League of Legends player? Share your thoughts in the comments down below!

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