Apple Could Be Using Data-Collecting Drones To Beat Google Maps

Tech giant Apple is betting big on improving its Maps service and become the greatest player in this issue, so the company plans to use drones and new indoor navigation features in order to beat Google Maps, which represent a huge and difficult challenge, giving the fact that the search colossus in the longtime leader in these kinds of services.

Apple Maps Could Be Way Much Better Than Google Maps

According to The Verge, Apple wants to use the aircraft devices since it could update maps very quickly, and it has showed its commitment to this mission by building a huge team of experts in robots and information capture, including one employee from the Amazon´s air division, who would help to run its own drone team, which is established in Seattle.

Apparently, both Google and the Cupertino company usually use fleets of vans and cars equipped with cameras, but using the aircraft devices would help to update map data faster than ever, and monitor street signs, roads, construction areas and many more, which obviously would offer a better service that the one that almost everybody uses with Google Maps. Once the information is collected, it would be sent to Apple teams which will quickly update the maps app to provide the newest information to anybody who is using it.

Using Drones Would Make Apple The Most Important Company In This Field

According to Bloomberg, the Cupertino giant is also developing some new incredible features that could beat Google Maps for sure, since these includes improvements to car navigation and views inside buildings. This kind of service is very important tools for both companies since it is something that would increase its users by large, considering that every single will have to use this service to guide themselves when going to a location they don't know how to go.

Using drones could make Apple beat Google Maps, considering that collecting the most accurate data is the key to digital map building. Although it is too soon to know if this project is going to be successful, it is inevitable to think that we are in the introduction of a change of era in the map field.

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