AIDS Is Going To Get Worse Under The Administration of Donald Trump

Donald John Trump is the President-elect of the United States, as well as an American businessman, actor, author, and politician. Many people said that HIV/AIDS will get worse under the administration of the Donald Trump. Trump’s anti-gay, anti-science cabinet is going to put more people at risk of infection and make the lives of those already infected worse.

AIDS Is Going To Get Worse Under The Administration of Donald Trump

According to Florida News, an AIDS memorial is being unveiled in New York City as of today. While it is fitting to have right in Greenwich Village, a grand Jenny Holzer-designed, Walt Whitman-inscribed memorial to the 35 million people who have died from Aids and the 37 million people currently living with HIV, there is little to celebrate locally or globally.

The NYC AIDS Memorial is a tribute to the 100000+ NYers who have died from AIDS, and the community that has shared their struggle. Just across the street, St Vincent’s hospital – an epicenter of the epidemic in its early years – has died, just as so many gay men did within its walls in the 1980s. It is being converted into luxury condos.

That hospital is very significant because it served the most marginalized that would be replaced by real estate for the super wealthy is a fitting metaphor in the age of a real estate developer-turned-president. Indeed, Donald Trump is set to preside over a newly harmful period in HIV history. It's not just that Trump literally doesn't mention HIV/Aids in his healthcare policy, nor that he's generally anti-science.

Trump's People Are Involve

It’s not even just that every single Trump cabinet pick so far has some kind of anti-LGBT record. As The Root mentioned, all are terrified that two of his most important picks – vice-president elect Mike Pence and Health and Human Services secretary nominee Tom Price – know exactly how to harm Americans (disproportionately black and/or LGBT Americans) by way of HIV/Aids.

“Our community is going to be devastated by this new president, especially in the South where the epidemic is already at a devastating place. We are already seeing our legislators cut our programs because it’s clear that they don’t care about HIV—and this was happening even under a White House that somewhat affirmed our work and the communities at risk," said Marsha Jones, Dallas, Executive Director of the Afiya Center.


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