'Arrow' Season 5 Episode 9 Spoiler: What We Leave Behind

Arrow 5x9 - What We Leave Behind
Arrow 5x9 - What We Leave Behind Photo : Television Promos / YouTube

CW's ace TV series is almost halfway finish this season. Arrow just finished its 100th episode and it keeps getting better. Deathstroke again made his presence felt but Oliver Queen shouldn't forget Prometheus as well.

Prometheus Will Make Oliver Queen's Life A Living Hell

As reported a few weeks ago, Prometheus seems to have the edge against Oliver and his team. It was noted that Artemis seems to have joined Prometheus and his quest to make Oliver Queen's life a living hell. Again, we have to scrap the idea that Prometheus is Quentin Lance as he is already in a rehab. Going back, it seems that Prometheus doesn't want to personally kill Green Arrow. He wants to strike fear and only wishes he was dead.

Since Artemis already joined Prometheus, she already provided all the information about the Green Arrow and his crew. With that said, Prometheus continues his mind games with Oliver and one of Oliver's crew is in big trouble. It was stated that The Green Arrows ally will fall and pay its live. Also, Felicity was able to research about Oliver's past and why Prometheus and Deathstroke is giving him a hard time.

Season 5 Episode 9: What We Leave Behind

So this is how they will follow up their 100th episode, a more intriguing plot and a vicious Prometheus. We are not sure yet if this will be the final time we will see Curtis. The no nonsense villain will first take on Curtis as noted before. Oliver will then realize that he is no match against Prometheus because of one distinctive advantage and that is Artemis. There are no longer secret identities when it comes to the evil villain. The only thing that Oliver Queen can do right now is pray that Prometheus will make a mistake.

A guest character will be vital on the next episode and his name is Detective Malone. Tyler Ritter will play the character and upon teaming up with Felicity, they will stumble a clue that will lead up to Prometheus identity. This are just a few things that they've revealed but it is more than enough for us to anticipate CW's massive show.

Will Season 5 Episode 10 Be The Last Time We Will See Prometheus?

Unfortunately no, remember when one of the respected sites reported that Prometheus will be killed by the mid episode of this season? Well, that is debunked right now as Prometheus is widely received by Arrow fans. Adding up a character to a series is not that easy. However, if you were able to establish a character that can deliver an outstanding performance, you have no choice but to let that character live another day.

Are We Going To See Another Crossover?

Well, we haven't fully grasped the crossover of the 4 series but, another crossover might seem to happen. Deathstroke and Prometheus had their own agenda even before they've met Oliver Queen. One theory suggest that Prometheus was Oliver Queen's best friends father. On his reddit account he supplied his claim by providing detailed information from the Season premiere to the latest episode. For now, let us enjoy the latest series of Arrow.

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