What You Need To Know About The Eight Pokemon GO Nest Migration

Just recently, Niantic released a Pokemon GO update regarding the nest locations in the game. But now, these have been changed once again. Players will have to know the new locations. Otherwise, they won't know exactly which course to follow.

The popular Reddit community The Silph Road notes that the eight nest migration has already took place. And fortunately, players won't have to burden themselves. That's because the group, using the Global Nest Atlas (a Pokemon tracking tool), have gathered reports on the best possible places to find the creatures. Note that the said tool is among the best tracking system on the web currently.

It's worth noting that due to the new Pokemon GO nest migration, the maps are considered clean. Simply put, previous waypoints players placed are already inaccurate. And as a result, they have to come up with new ones so as to determine the whereabouts of a particular Pokemon.

Since third-party tracking systems aren't a thing in the game (at least for the time being), the journey has become a little difficult for the fans. Fortunately, with the success of the Global Nest Atlas, this dilemma has been somehow mitigated. The only catch, though, is that with every update, the system has to be updated. This means rebuilding the structure once again from scratch.

For Pokemon GO fans who want to help, they can simply join the aforementioned community in Reddit. From there, they can easily contribute data and/or reports to help the system in gathering information. Nests in the game basically refers to the locations where Pokemon (of the same specie) are usually spawning.

If there's a particular tracking system that players want to utilize, it's no other than the Global Nest Atlas. So far, it's an effective means in determining a creature's location. This is only possible, though, as long as the acquired date are accurate and confirmed.

What are your thoughts on the eight Pokemon GO nest migration? Are you using the aforesaid system, too? How was the experience so far? Be sure to share us what you think at the comment section below!

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