Pokemon GO AR Tech To Be Used For Swedish Immigrants

The arrival of Pokemon GO has revolutionized the way mobile games are played. Well, this is thanks to Niantic's utilization of AR (Augmented Reality) technology. It gave the industry a breath of fresh air. But hey, the game's influence is not only confined in the market it's in. The tech the studio used for it is said to be the source of inspiration of a new developing app, which is meant to help immigrants learn Swedish.

According to The Local, Stockholm's Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) is going to utilize the same system Niantic used. The researchers are looking to apply the same digital combinations in hopes to speed up the immigrants' (students) Swedish learning. Looks like they, too, were inspired by the trend.

KTH professor Gunnar Karlsson said that this system is going to work similarly to how Pokemon GO does it. Here, people will get information from a particular place. For instance, the information about the Stockholm Public Library, which can be found at the library. This goes the same with the pharmacy and so on and so forth.

But if there's one thing that the researchers want to apply from the mobile game, it's the way it encourages players to go out. That somehow, in one way or another, through this encouragement, people suddenly go into the wild and "seek out different goals." Karlsson emphasized that they want to do the same thing, but this will be through educational tools.

Karlsson and his team are looking to put up videos, texts, audios and visuals, among others. Heck, even assignments and questions will be placed in the app (which remains untitled as of this writing). Here, students or people can record various descriptions of places they themselves have discovered.

It's safe to say that Pokemon GO has indeed influenced people -- of different walks of life -- all over the world. Remember that, in one of iTech Post's reports, a teacher is also utilizing the game to teach her students. It only goes to show just how influential Niantic's title is.

What are your thoughts on the impact Pokemon GO has brought to the world? How about the app the researchers from KTH are looking to develop? Share us what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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