Pokemon Go Update: Why Some Pokemon Needed To Be Buffed Or Nerfed?

Niantic has recently released an update for Pokemon Go highlighting the huge change on several Pokemon's Combat Points. The update angered some fans perhaps due to their favorite Pokemon getting nerfed big time and not receiving any compensation for their hard work. Additionally, some Pokemon Go players were confused why Niantic have done such a thing. However, the reason behind the nerfs and buffs on particular Pokemon have now been revealed.

According to the report from Otakukart, the reason behind these changes is to fix Pokemon Go's previous combat points stats in order to adjust each of the Pokemon's roles based on the original GBA games. With the previous stat system, the Pokemon in Pokemon Go seems to be more distant compared to their usual roles. For instance, Kangaskhan was known to be one of the better Gym defenders while also an amazing attacker. However, the said Pokemon was never used during gym battles in Pokemon Go. In addition, Kangaskhan can also be easily destroyed by almost all of the newly buffed Pokemon.

Based on the report, Rhydon and Pinsir are also another example of this kind of situation. Rhydon is also known as a solid attacker and defender while Pinsir shares similar capabilities. However, Pinsir's strength in Pokemon Go is way too far compared to Rhydon. Sources said that there is a need to tweak the current stat and CP in Pokemon Go in order to have a bit of variety to teams being used to increased strategy is applied to the game.

Apparently, Niantic does agree to the idea resulting to these recent CP changes. Meanwhile, fans are hyped for the upcoming December patch as it is rumored to bring at least one of those expected major updates such as PVP, Trading and Gen 2. In addition, it is expected that Niantic could add an NPC encounter feature that works similar to wild Pokemon enounters. However, it is in terms of meeting an NPC in the wild.


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