Sherlock Season 4 Spoilers: Latest Trailer Released, Show Dropped A Cryptic Message

We already know that Benedict Cumberbatch is back and will play the clever character as Detective Sherlock Holmes. However, we don't know how long he will last.

The Cryptic Message That Blew The Minds Of Sherlock Fans

Remember when one producer confirmed that this could be the last Season of the massive series? Well, a cryptic and a puzzling message was dropped yesterday when they revealed a video of Benedict Cumberbatch(Detective Sherlock Holmes) and Martin Freeman(Dr. Watson) sitting facing each other while an ominous caption showed up stating "It's not a game anymore."

Detective Sherlock Holmes is not your regular private investigator. He has his own uncanny ways to resolve a certain case. From time to time, he and Dr. Watson treat some of their cases as a game. Following the video yesterday, it seemed that Sherlock and Dr. Watson might think twice about their strategy. The video is vague but the message is certainly clear. Detective Sherlock Holmes will face somebody that can end his life, or his friends.

The Six Thatchers

The very first episode of the new season will bring out new characters which will likely end Sherlock's life. It will also show the reunion of Sherlock(Benedict Cumberbatch) and Irene Adler(Lara Pulver) reunion on screen as reported last week. The case will be as Dr. Martin explained. Six Thatchers will open up multiple angle that will be interconnected with the next two episodes.

Counting The Days of Benedict Cumberbatch As Sherlock

I hate to say this but, basing on what Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss are providing us, we might be seeing the beginning of Sherlock's end. The show doesn't have any problem creatively or even with the ratings. However, there are various things that they cannot handle. As a fan, I hope the producers and the actors will sort this out. I've been a fan since day one and I feel like fans are being robbed if they ended the series this quickly.

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