Battlefield 1 December Update: 4 Things You Need To Know

Battlefield 1 December Update: 4 Things You Need To Know
EA DICE is set to release a brand new update to Battlefield 1 anytime this month. Photo : punish/YouTube

Battlefield 1 is probably the best game in the series thus far. Not because it's new, but it's due to the kind of gameplay and mechanics EA DICE introduced. And now, the studio is looking to bring the excitement to a whole new level. An update is expected to arrive anytime this month, with the possibility of new features or whatnots to arrive.

It's worth noting that just last month, the studio delivered a massive update, as reported by GottaBeMobile. Along with the update, a couple of hefty features were introduced. These includes the Rent-A-Serve program, Suez Map changes and bug fixes, among others.

While it holds true that the developers have fixed a good number of bugs in Battlefield 1, there are still a lot of issues left. Of course, this is something that doesn't just sit well to fans. Fortunately, the video game company is eager to smoothen things out this month of December.

Giant's Shadow Map

This has already been confirmed, and is expected to arrive in the aforementioned update. This will be made available across gaming platforms (PS4, Xbox One and PC). It's basically a free map that'll bring the Battle of the Selle. The latter, as per the history, happened near the Selle River (hence the name) in France. It's where the Germans stood up against the brute force of the British army. So far, nothing specific about its visual have been released.

The Spectator Mode

This is among the many speculated features coming to Battlefield 1 this month via an update. DICE is believed to unleash it this month in hopes to up the gaming experience. However, there's no confirmation or whatsoever if it's ready enough to be deployed. Perhaps, if the timeline wouldn't allow, players will acquire this sometime next year. Still not bad, though. The mode, in its most organic form, lets players view what's happening in the battlefield from a very interesting perspective.

Bug Fixes And Others

It's no secret that the game is packed with truckloads of bugs and issues. So, it only makes sense if EA DICE will include fixes in the forthcoming update. In fact, the update is also said to bring tweaks to Sony's brand new console called PS4 Pro. Besides, the community has since been clamoring about the multiple exploitations they're experiencing.

Battlefield 1 players can also expect a few tweaks coming to weapons, gadgets and vehicles, among others. Maps and modes, on the other hand, might receive enhancements or further improvements. After all, everyone wants to see balance and excellence in the game.

New Maps

It's only understandable for the studio to unleash more maps to the game. The only catch, though, is how many and what will these be. Well, these are among the things that fans should be excited about. Furthermore, there's a possibility that the way friendly and/or enemy explosives appear on the game's HUD will be changed. Although there's no specifics, too, these could be done for the purpose of making it look better than they are now.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Battlefield 1 update this month? Are you excited for its arrival? What are your expectations? Be sure to share us what your thoughts are at the comment section below!

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