Battlefield 1 Guide, Tips And Tricks For Dummies

Battlefield 1 has just been recently released, and it's really the most interesting title in the franchise. The changes developer DICE made to the game are among the reasons why it's the most unique installment in the entire series. Sure, players might have an idea on how this game is played. Or perhaps, how the mechanics work. Nevertheless, it still pays to have the right and concrete knowledge. Well, here's a guide worth checking out!

Battlefield 1 Conquest Mode

This one here is definitely the go-to mode in Battlefield 1. It's basically a massive war zone in which a total of 64 players can enjoy it. All of them will battle things out across the huge map, something's that applicable to both vehicular combat and environmental destruction. The idea of this mode is to work as a team. That, in one way or another, victory won't be possible if players won't work as one. This alone here makes this mode a notch higher than the rest.

Battlefield 1 Rush Mode

Rush mode in Battlefield 1 is all about a game of defenders and attackers. The latter only have a finite number of tickets, all of which represent lives. The former, on the other hand, is all about being able to manage, well, the attacks. And if successful, the defenders will get the W. The attacking team basically utilizes the aforesaid lives (done by spawning), but overtime, these tickets reduce.

Battlefield 1 Team Deathmatch Mode

If talking about the most basic of all Battlefield 1 modes, Team Deathmatch is probably the epitome. As the name suggests, it works exactly the same to any similar games with such mode out there. Two teams will go up against each other, so as to acquire the most number of kills. Obviously, the winning team is the one who's able to obtain plenty of kills.

Battlefield 1 Domination Mode

Domination mode in Battlefield 1 is like Conquest, only in a smaller scope. With that, it offers a much faster pace. Vehicles here are also removed, so to speak. If in Conquest players benefit larger from investing time, Domination is rather about making things quick -- from headshotting foes to trampling down enemies.

What are your thoughts on this Battlefield 1 guide? Other modes that you can share tips? Don't forget to use the comment section below!

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