Apple Forgets About 'iPhone 7' And Focuses On 'iPhone 8'?

When Apple officially released the iPhone 7 back in September, there was an intense debate on whether it was worth buying or waiting until the iPhone 8, a potentially much better overall upgrade. Well, according to several reports on Thursday, Apple may have determined that there are enough customers who are definitely playing the long game.

People leaning towards the iPhone 8

According to several online reports regarding the matter, Apple is trimming some orders from suppliers amid waning demands for this year's devices. Those supply chain sources have been in some sort of commotion yet again. This time, they are claiming that the initial flurry to obtain a Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus models is starting to fade away. The sources say that suppliers have been shifting their focus towards the upcoming next-gen, 10th anniversary iPhone 8, which will arrive in autumn of next year.

Rumored plans for the upcoming iPhone 8

Rumors have claimed that Apple will totally revamp the iPhone's design, and incorporate an edge-to-edge OLED display glass casing, as well as finally introducing the innovative ability of wirelessly charging the device. While the accuracy of some recent reports cannot be officially verified as credible, reports find it unlikely that Apple has given up on their iPhone 7, with three-quarters still to go until the next launch cycle begins.

The trouble with the iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 Plus models are also still pretty difficult to come by with most models on back order along the way up to Christmas. However, there's no doubting that the iPhone 7 that comes without a headphone jack and with a new click-less Home button has endured a tough critical judgment.

Waiting for the iPhone 8

A couple of months ago, debates were surfacing regarding the merits of purchasing the iPhone 7. But right now, it seems as if the iPhone 7 could be non-existent, as people are slowly leaning towards waiting for the iPhone 8 instead.

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