'Steven Universe' Season 4 Episode 10 Recap: Crystal Gems Speculate Steven’s Real Identity; ‘Three Gems And A Baby’ Revelations

Steven Universe Three Gems and a Baby
Greg, Steven, Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst looking back on their first winter with Steven. Photo : HeyImGarne/Youtubet

Cartoon Network's Winter Specials already began and Dec.1 definitely gave cartoon enthusiasts with a "freezing" treat as "Steven Universe" season 4, episode 10 aired on Thursday. As the synopsis revealed earlier, "Three Gems and a Baby" featured Greg and Steven together with the three Crystal Gems (Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst) bonding inside a cabin while it is snowing like crazy outside.

"Steven Universe" might be a simple kids' show to some, but it is amazing how it brings out the imaginative and creative side of its fandom. With a one-liner synopsis and a one-minute preview released by CN, "Three Gems and a Baby" attracted numerous theories. The funny part in this installment is that even the Crystal Gems had their own theories concerning Steven's real identity. What did Greg, Pearl, Garnet, Amethyst, and the whole "Steven Universe" find out about our favorite boy wonder? Let's discuss it below.

Steven Is Rose? Or Is He A Fusion Of Rose?

"Three Gems and a Baby" started with the gang trying to stay cozy as a blizzard hits the area. As Steven expressed his awe of the snow storm, the Gems started to drop pieces of the past when Steven first experienced such a strong storm. Greg held his guitar and delivered the much anticipated new OST of the series, "I Could Never Be Ready." The flashback then began.

From there, we saw how difficult it had been for Greg to take care of baby Steven alone. We found out the father and son duo didn't have their own place, but luckily they were allowed to crash in Vidalia's home. Rose might have just departed then as we also saw a moment where Greg felt sad about a picture that presumably reminded him of her lover. Pearl too was being emotional throughout the episode about Baby Steven's identity, insisting that Rose is trapped inside Steven.

As soon as Greg finished nursing Steven, the three Gems came in to bring the baby some presents. The Gems had different moods on their visit with Pearl being stiff, Garnet being warm, and Amethyst seemed to be not fully aware of what is happening. So as the Gems handed their gifts, a strange ray of light beamed out of Steven's gem on his stomach and everyone started to speculate what that might mean.

Amethyst and Garnet were then arguing about Rose trying to "shape-shift" back to her normal form or maybe trying to "unfuse," while Pearl insisted that Rose was inside Steven's body and needed to be released. Greg, on the other hand, said his son is human and while it was weird that he was glowing, he was sure that he could get an answer from a baby book and end all arguments.

While Greg went to grab his baby book, the three Gems were fast to escape with Steven, basically kidnapping him. Greg, finding out that his baby was gone, panicked and went after the Gems who went away with a van.

In the van, Amethyst, who firmly believed that Steven was shape-shifting back into Rose, tried to show the baby how to turn back into a normal form. She shape-shifted into a baby and back into an adult form, hoping that Steven will follow the lead. Garnet then took her shot and showed Steven how to unfuse and the baby started to cry. Pearl who was then driving the van stopped to help Rose get out of Steven's body. She tried to pull Steven's gem out of his stomach but failed, and that was when they all struggled to believe that the baby was indeed a baby and did not have anything to do with Rose being in some other form.

Greg then appeared and took Steven. Garnet apologized as they thought they knew what Steven's identity really was. Greg confessed that he, too, was confused but offered the Gems to stay with them and all together they will find out what Steven really is.

"Steven Universe" Season 4: "Three Gems And A Baby"

Fans have been hungry of bigger revelations about the show. "Three Gems and a Baby" might have not satisfied the fans' curiosity but it also indicated that there's more to find out about Steven. Even the Gems were once confused and debated about Steven's being. Questions about Rose still remained unanswered which were somehow expected to be given light in the episode. "Three Gems and a Baby" indeed focused on Steven's history with his first family, the Gems and his father, Greg.

The relevant point rooting out of the episode might only lead us to the revelation that the Gems are also confused about what really happened to Rose. Also, the episode revealed that Gems don't really grow or change. But comparing them on how they were in the past (through the flashback) and how they are now, we saw that they can change. Pearl is a solid example of this whom we saw in the flashback scenes as grumpy and emotional, but is light and cheerful at present.

Meanwhile, "Steven Universe" cancelation rumors are still swirling since there are no official notes on the supposed upcoming episodes. Although there were previous reports revealing more installment titles, they are not yet officially posted. With the cliffhanger though in "Three Gems and a Baby" - the Gems and Steven's journey to understanding what happened to Rose - fans can keep their excitement as is since it is very possible that the series continues until all fans' questions are answered.

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