How Overwatch Is Putting Down Call Of Duty?

Overwatch is believed to cause the reported weaker sales figures of Call of Duty. As rumors suggest, a more focused game like Overwatch has already captured the passion and attention of a lot of gamers due to a number of reasons.

The Overwatch game is able to mix the memorable and colorful characters with a lighter tone as  well as community focus, leading to a Nintendo-type of fan art for most of the Overwatch characters. While Overwatch is accessible, the game is also reported to provide fun and objective-based play, centering around online.

While there is no solid proof that Call of Duty players are now turning to Overwatch, the breadth of Overwatch is believed to have an appeal to all ages, given that interest levels nowadays are reportedly wider than in the past. With more game options like Overwatch that are easier to find. Game experts also believe that niche game titles are not niche anymore, which seems to be a problem for some of the gaming industry's biggest shooter franchise like Call of Duty.

Meanwhile, Overwatch reportedly swept up the awards at the recent The Game Awards 2016 in Los Angeles. According to reports, Blizzard's hero shooter game Overwatch, which was released in May for PS4, Xbox One and the PC, won the top awards in the categories Best Multiplayer, Game of the Year, including the fan-nominated Esports Game of the Year. Meantime, Blizzard Entertainment was awarded the Best Game Direction in 2016.

Overwatch was also nominated for Best Art Direction, but lost to Playdead's Inside, and the Best Action Game category, which was awarded to id Software's Doom reboot. Meantime, only Naughty Dog's Uncharted 4: A Thief's End had reportedly picked eight nominations, while Overwatch had six, yet ultimately won two: Best Performance award for actor Nolan North's character as Nathan Drake and the Best Narrative award. Watch Overwatch Cinematic Trailer

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