Overwatch Theory Says Pharah Carries Two Different Themes? Chistmas Treats Found In Files?

"Overwatch" Pharah is said to be the product of two characters with rare skins. Rumor has it that Ana and Reinhardt had a baby of their own. Moreover, Blizzard has also announced a few changes with some of its characters as well as the Oasis Map in time for the holidays.

Rumors have been circulating on the internet about the parentage of Pharah. Apparently, it is said to be plausible to have some currency with the community. It should be noted that there are four rare skins in the Heroes in Overwatch. Moreover, the skins are said to be of a plethora of themes.

For instance, the skins of the Overwatch character Zenyatta are elemental. On the other hand, D.Va's skins are fruit flavors. In addition, Ana and Reinhardt both have rare skins. Ana reportedly has jewel-themed skins in Overwatch. In contrast, Reinhardt's skins are metallic.

Hence, there is reportedly only one character with two different themes in a rare skins set, that is Pharah. It should be noted that Pharah in the Overwatch has two jewel-themed skins. Moreover, Pharah also has two metal skins.

Furthermore, in an Overwatch dialogue spotted online, Ana and Reinhardt have reportedly been seen flirting with each other. It is speculated that both Ana and Reinhardt had a baby together. Hence, Pharah reportedly inherited half of both of their skins.

Meanwhile, the Overwatch developer Blizzard reportedly announced several changes to Overwatch Symmetra. Furthermore, latest reports reveal that the changes on Symmetra as well as Zarya may be tried as part of a PTR update on the Overwatch for PC. Moreover, Blizzard is reportedly set on launching the Oasis map on the PS4 and Xbox One.

Overwatch Symmetra will reportedly have a choice of Ultimates to allow players to toggle between the character's teleporter and an all-new Shield Generator. Note that the latter may equip Symmetra with a device that may shield her allies within a set of radius. In addition, a Photon Barrier has also been introduced for Symmetra to block enemy fire with a large energy barrier. Watch the Advanced Pharah Guide here:

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