Does PS4 Pro Really Help Battlefield 1 Players Get Better?

Battlefield 1 is the kind of game that one can't simply master in one single sitting. Well, it might be a different story to tell if EA DICE's title is played using Sony's latest console called PlayStation 4. Reports suggest that, somehow, it gives players a leverage in terms of multiplayer performance. It may be hard to believe, but there's actually to proof to it.

It's no secret that most consumers are wondering if, in one way or another, the aforementioned system can provide feasible benefits aside from a visual standpoint. That maybe, in a case to case basis, it can significantly improve their playing style. And yeah, it's actually true. Or perhaps, for the time being, it's possible in the aforesaid title.

In an analysis from Eurogamer's Digital Foundry, Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro can heavily impact the multiplayer and campaign performance of Battlefield 1 players. It's believed that the more beefed up a console is, the bigger the boost it can provide in terms of overall image quality. The campaign, in particular, can highly benefit from the increased in resolution as well as a smoother fps (frame rate).

It's worth noting that the console's main focus is to upgrade the game's frame rate. In order to determine if it's true, the publication came up with a very special set-up just to be able to test the comparison. Both the original and new PS4 consoles were ran side by side, with two people playing together at the same time online.

Thanks to the test, it's been found out that PS4 Pro gives a more consistent Battlefield 1 fps (10-15) compared to the standard one. The new system was also able to run the game in solid consistency in terms of frame times. And what's even interesting? It never goes below 33 ms or 30 fps. Simply put, the frame rate is a lot smoother on the new gaming platform.

Sure, in any game, it still depends on how well a player performs; however, with the new console, this concern can somehow be transcended. After all, playing in a smoother and more responsive environment is just advantageous. Remember: in games like EA DICE's, a second delay or slowdown is already a huge factor to consider.

What are your thoughts on Battlefield 1 and PlayStation Pro? How about on the idea that the new console somehow gives its users a leverage in the game? Share to us what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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