Legend of Zelda: Breathe Of The Wild Might Take You More Than A Year To Finish The Game

A new trailer for Legend of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild has been presented during The Games Awards and it looks like it will take players a long time to finish the game based on the new elements, puzzles, and mini-games included in the gameplay, not to mention the vast open-world you have to explore.

Declaring that Legend of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild might take a year to finish is a hyperbole based on how vast the new world Link has to discover. For starters, there are at least 100 shrines to discover as well as tons of puzzles to solve. These puzzles are critical to the game play since prizes for them can unlock new items and weapons that will make your journey and defeating enemies much easier.

The new Zelda has more of the characteristic of a survival adventure close to real life. Following the clues the minstrel gives, Link has to survive using the natural elements around him, such as food, to strengthen and heal him. Unlike other games, weapons in Legends of Zelda deteriorate or break giving an impression that it's a cruel world out there and that you have to depend on your knowledge more than your brawn in order to survive.

Clothes are also an important element for survival. Therefore, you will have to customize Link's outfit and gears as he traverse through different terrains and seasons. Some of the outfits enable the player increased abilities and stealth powers.

In terms of using your head more, new enemies have new move sets where one strategy is not enough. In order to defend these monsters, you have to apply the right strategy and weapon in every level you go through.

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