Resident Evil 7: Meet And Understand The Holoforms Or You're Game Over

Resident Evil 7 has released a new trailer revealing new elements and scary villains aside from the Baker family. One of the new monsters that players will see when they play Resident Evil 7 is the Holoform.

There's really not much information given about the Holoforms but its name might suggest what type of monsters they are. The trailer shows that Holoforms are hunter-like creatures which mean they can have a very keen of sense and smell not to mention that they can elicit fear from whoever encounters them.

Aside from the Holoforms, the new trailer also reveals more information about the Baker family. They are what you call "bullet sponges" and if you still don't get the idea what those are, they can just absorb a good amount of ammo into their bodies before you can inflict a lot of damage from them. The most you can do is stun them to give you enough time to run away.

This gives you a clue that you need to pack a lot of ammo with you and save it for the Baker family. However, here's what the creators of Resident Evil 7 said: inventory size and ammo is limited. Therefore, you also have to rely on your speed to run away from enemies. There are also other things you can use, such as a flamethrower, a knife, or a chainsaw. As for weapon upgrades, you can find them in what looks like a cage. You can unlock them by collecting coins from different locations.

For those who are expecting Resident Evil 7 to be another zombie game, you might feel nostalgic because it is a far cry from its predecessors. Instead, it is more like a psychological B-horror movie where a lot of exploration is involved.

Resident Evil 7 will be released on January 24 on PC, Xbox, and PS4.

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