NBA Trade Rumors: LA Lakers Trading Ingram And Clarkson For Paul George Of The Indiana Pacers? Six-Player Deal Between Warriors, Celtics, 76ers?

Again, the Indiana Pacers are in the center of some NBA trade rumors and the usual focus is on Paul George. It appears that the Pacers are dealing their All-Star forward with the LA Lakers. This is the hometown of George so this deal might interest him that much as well.

Probable Reason Why The Pacers Are Trading George

In exchange for George, these NBA trade rumors suggest that the LA Lakers are willing to let go of their young guns: Brandon Ingram and Jordan Clarkson. Considering that the Pacers' current NBA campaign has not been impressive so far, it is quite natural for George to be at the center of trade deals.

A number of media outlets have been circulating NBA trade rumors that the three-time All-Star veteran is being linked to potential trades with several NBA teams including the Bucks, Celtics, Thunder, and Bulls. In the current season, George is clocking in the numbers impressively thus far. He has led his team in scoring with an average ppg of 20.8, ranks second in rebounding and third in assists.

The Team's Start Is Disappointing

However, his team's start in the Eastern Conference is at best disappointing at 9-10. Some believe that the Pacers are not able to count on George when he is much needed. He missed seven of the Pacer's 19 games favoring a sprained ankle. According to some NBA trade rumors, the addition of Glenn Robinson III who averages 12 points per game and 5 rebounds could have induced the team to think of trading George to the LA Lakers.

Three Teams Could Be Thinking Of A Six-Player Deal

Meanwhile, there are also some NBA trade rumors that say a six-player deal between the Warriors, the Celtics, and the 76ers are brewing. It is interesting to note that these rumors are continuously hounding the Golden State Warriors. Even with the team's loaded roster, rumors say that Nerlens Noel has caught the eyes of the Warriors. The ability of Noel to protect the rim is perhaps the reason why the Warriors want him on their side.

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