Final Fantasy XV Guide: Where To Find All Weapon Upgrade

In 'Final Fantasy 15', players can find many unique weapons hidden throughout the game. And this guide will not only give their exact location but also the things a player needs to do to acquire it. Some weapons can be upgraded while some are special weapons acquired through the mission.

Engine Blade Weapon in 'Final Fantasy 15'

The first weapon upgrades a player will get is the Engine Blade which is given at the very start of the game. It can be upgraded as the player progress through the game. It's level 1 upgrade requires a Rusty Bit which is found through the common treasure item as the player explores in the game. Level 2 Upgrade is done through Glass Gemstone which is usually dropped by the enemy in the dungeons of Crestholm Channels and another in Cape Caem's lighthouse located at the southwest side of the map. Just head to the top of the well to find it. Lastly is the level 3 upgrade in Sturdy Helixhorn.

Drain Lance Weapon in 'Final Fantasy 15'

Drain Lance will be discovered as players go through the main mission of the game so its impossible to miss. Its first upgrade is through a Metal Bit which is also found in common treasure items. Then level 2 upgrade happens through a Coeurl Whiskers, usually during the daytime.

Auto Crossbow Weapon in 'Final Fantasy 15'

The Auto Crossbow weapon is also received during the game's main quests so every player will receive it as long as they follow the story of the game. Players will find it in the floor while investigating the Royal Tomb in the Tomb of the Wise. Level 1 upgrade will require a Cactuar Needle.

Bio Blaster Weapon and Circular Saw in 'Final Fantasy 15'

The Bio Blaster will be discovered just outside the door leading to Keycatrich Trench. Before entering the second dungeon, check the entrance first and players should see it on the left side. Upgrading to level 1 needs a Dynamo which is again found in common treasure items. Then the Circular Saw will be acquired when the player has successfully defeated Loci in the game's main story.

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