Watch Jennifer Aniston Critique 'Saturday Night Live' Portrayal Of Rachel From 'Friends'

Way back in February, Saturday Night Live cast member Vanessa Bayer premiere her impression of about Rachel Green from Friends. Bayer's Jennifer Aniston character, who had the "Rachel" haircut, overalls and was surprised by everything, was a hit. This weekend, Bayer's Rachel returned but this time the real Rachel - Jennifer Aniston herself - had something to say about it when she gates crashed SNL.

Jennifer Aniston Made A Surprise Appearance During Saturday Night Live To Put A Stop To Vanessa Bayer's Impersonation Of Rachel Green

Aniston, made famous by her role of Rachel on Friends tv series way back 1994 and dominate worldwide TV station up until 2004. Aniston, was not pleased with Bayer's well-known, on the spot impression of the her '90s character. After Bayer's Rachel dropped by 'Weekend Update' to explain '90s nostalgia to co-host Colin Jost, Aniston stepped in to question the impersonation and Bayer's technically also an avid Friends TV series obsession.

"Vanessa, what are you doing? Can you just drop that for a second? For the last 12 days, you've been texting me every day to come visit you. I know you love Friends and we had such a great time making our movie together, but you've got to really try to stop texting me every day," said Aniston, who stars with Bayer in Office Christmas Party (in theaters Friday). "Friends was like five million and five years ago, so I think you've got to move on."

But Bayer couldn't stop doing the irritable Rachel voice. And Aniston had enough. "Is it like this, 'What, oh, me? Wow. What?' " said Aniston, failing to make her case. "That's not what I do!" But then the two said this line at the same time: "Oh, Ross!"

Gaining such attention, Bayer become one of the biggest fans of 90's TV series. Do you still remember your "Friends" idol? I myself wanting to see them in a movie title "Friends The Reunion"

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