Brad Pitt Invited Jennifer Aniston To Catch Up But She Rejected It, 'Allied' Actor Dating Another Actress

Brad Pitt Apology To Jennifer Aniston "I’m Sorry I Hurt You"
Brad Pitt Apology To Jennifer Aniston "I’m Sorry I Hurt You" Photo : Hollywood Now / YouTube

Finally, Brad Pitt is getting comfortable again on the spotlight. After the recent splat and divorce saga with Angelina Jolie, the World War II: Allied actor is seen almost everyday in public.

The Most Shocking Divorce In The 21st Century

There are a lot of relationships that ended for the past century and all of them are ugly. Some marriage last for about a decade and some last for less than a year. There are a lot of reasons why celebrities ended their relationships. First reason, would be personal differences. Over the years, we've heard this reason and we agree with it. Second, money. It's all about the Benjamin's. Some of the celebrities might not acknowledge it but the truth hurts. Money is the root of all evil, especially when you are multi-millionaire.

Divorce is not cheap, it is very damn expensive. You need proof? Here you go, remember Amy Irving and Steven Spielberg? The split gave Amy Irving $100 Million but Steven Spielberg wasn't fazed by it. Besides, he was able to recover just by creating another movie. The most expensive divorce ever? Right now, since the Brangelina divorce is not yet finish, Michael Jordan and Juanita Jordan stands on top of the list. Juanita walked away with $168 Million, the GOAT walk away with Yvette Prieto. A win-win situation if you know what I mean.

Then, here comes Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce. No reports yet on how much the damage is but we know that this is the most shocking split in the modern times. They were always perceived as the perfect family and couple. They were looked up to by celebrities as a model when it comes to having a family. But, I guess, nobody is perfect. In a recent twist of event, Brangelina shocked the world when they dropped the divorce bomb.

Abuse, Custody, Money And Health Issues

This is not the first time that you've read about the Brangelina Saga but this are the four reasons why the divorce happened. Angelina Jolie and his representative initially reported about physical abuse against Brad Pitt. Then, they followed it up with custody issues that involve Maddox getting mad at his father Brad Pitt. Numerous reports mentioned that they went on a scuffle but no evidences presented. Money and Health issues, despite being labeled as A-lister couple, issue about money was thrown and Angelina Jolie's health and sanity was questioned.

Brad Pitt Invited Her Ex, But She Declined

Brad Pitt already admitted his mistakes against her ex-wife Jennifer Aniston. As reported, he sent Aniston an email about her apology and asking her out to have a dinner. Last week, both of them were in London. Brad Pitt visited London to promote his movie World War II:Allied, while Jennifer Aniston was in a vacation with her husband. Brad knew Jennifer was just around so he gave him a call.

"He called her and they had a brief conversation. But Jen, who is married to actor Justin Theroux told Brad that, while she supported him in spirit, she didn't have time to see him," an insider told Heat. "She is happily married and meeting Brad would be an insult to Justin. She knows what matters and it's her marriage," the source stated. In other news, there are some reports that Kate Hudson and Brad Pitt is having an affair.

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