Donald Trump Used Twitter To Blast Against The Companies That Wants To Move Out Of The US

President-elect Donald Trump used his Twitter account to threat the companies who wants to move out of the U.S., being a situation that the republican wants to avoid at all cost, in order to accomplish his promise of offering more jobs to the American people. The Twitter posts were made on Sunday, and the chief of state warned about a tax of 35 percent that the companies will have to pay if they leave the country.

A Warning Message To The Companies

According to The New York Times, the tweets came days after the president-elect went to Indiana to endorse the decision of Carrier to keep its company in the U.S., ensuring around 1,000 jobs for Americans. In the posts, Trump also expressed that the government will reduce taxes and regulations on business, but terrible consequences will be suffered by the companies that move its factory to other countries and wants to sell the product back to the U.S.

Giving the tone of the tweets, this clearly represents a huge step forward from Trump against the opinions that explained the chance of seeing him reducing the controversy of his posts on social media, in order to avoid any kind of problem before he takes charge of the presidency and starts a new political period.

Twitter Would Ban Trump Without Blinking

According to Politico, these tweets represent a clear message to the companies that could also be seen as very aggressive, considering how threatening they are. Of course, this might gain some critics towards his figure, considering the way that he is using his Twitter account to express this kind of messages.

As reported in a previous article, Twitter said that it would ban any user that doesn't respect the social media´s new policies on harassment and hate speech, since this are some issues that will not be tolerated. Naturally, this was also an indirect message to Trump, and many people are expecting a huge clash between the president-elect and this platform in short term.

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