Apple Has Spent Way More Than Samsung On Digital Ads In 2016

Tech giant Apple has invested a lot of money in digital ads this year, in order to offer detailed information about some of its products, beating Samsung Electronics in this feature. Apparently, the Cupertino company spent $97 million on mobile, display and video as in the United States in the year to November 30, beating Samsung´s $80.4 million outlay.

Apple And Samsung´s Numbers In This Area

According to Business Insider, Apple outspent the South Korean company by 179 percent in digital ads, even if is excluded Samsung´s product where the Cupertino giant doesn't compete, as laundry, business solutions, TVs, memory, and refrigerators. Naturally, this clearly represents Apple´s ambition of taking any single space possible to promote its products.The information about Apple´s spending on digital ads also showed that the tech giant spends dropped by 16.3 percent year-on-year, while the South Korean company increased its budget by 49.2 percent, which mirror Apple´s 10-K.

An interesting detail about both companies´ spend in this area is the fact that it differs wildly, since more than three quarters -which represents 76 percent- of the American tech giant went on digital as, 22 percent on desktop display and over 1 percent on mobile. On the other hand, Samsung bet more on the desktop, placing a 73 percent of its overall spend in that area, while on video it was spending around 20 percent, and on mobile just 7 percent.

Apple Spent $22 Million On Digital Ads Just In October

The CEO of Pathmatics -an important advertising intelligence and competitive tracking platform which provided many of these numbers- Dave Gottlieb, explained that even when safe guarding the brand it is not a major burden for major spenders, every single company need the biggest transparency in order to ensure that their campaigns are being developed just as it was agreed. Also, he showed that Apple spend $22 million in October on digital ads, when the company announced the new MacBook Pro, just a little bit after it began selling its smartphone iPhone 7.

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