Microsoft Wants To Compete Against Amazon´s Echo With Its Home Hub

Tech giant Microsoft is planning to develop a Home Hob feature to its Windows 10 updates in order to become a threatening competitor for other important devices of this kind as the Amazon´s and Google Home. This way, Bill Gates company would have a better position in the market and increase its power.

Microsoft´s Home Hub Will Not Be The Voice-Integrated Speaker

According to The Verge, this new feature is just in its planning stages and it would be released in updates due next year and 2018. Apparently, Microsoft´s Home Hub, could easily beat Google and Amazon´s devices for sure, but the thing is that this Home Hub would be designed to be just a feature and service that will run on any Windows 10 computer, instead of the voice-activated speaker that was meant to be revealed during the Microsoft´s Surface hardware event two months ago.

The great detail about developing the Microsoft´s Home Hub as a standard feature of upcoming launches of Windows 10, instead of a single device, is the fact that the devices already had a screen built in. This update will have many different benefits to offer, as the possibility of having a family account that could be accessed by anyone without any kind of password, which facilitates the annoyance of having a single account for each user, having to switch between them at certain moments.

The Only Bad News About Microsoft´s Home Hub

According to Trusted Reviews, Cortana´s integration into the update would bring an ability to easily recognize and respond each single family user, offering services and information specific to that person, and would be able to do the same home automation tasks as any other smart home system, supporting Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) and Open Translators to Things (OpenT2T).

The only bad news about the Microsoft´s Home Hub is that building this kind of device seems to be an iterative for Bill Gates' company, and it would be extremely difficult that all the features could arrive at once, which might represent a little inconvenient for customers that wants all of these at the same time.

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