‘Goosebumps’ Director Rob Letterman Signs Up For ‘Pokemon’ Live Action Movie

“Pokemon” has been making a whirlwind in the markets this year with the successful release of games “Pokemon GO” and “Pokemon Sun and Moon”. Fans are in for a new treat as another project is in the works for the franchise. The video game “Great Detective Pikachu” will be getting a movie adaptation.

The title of the movie has been decided to be “Pokemon: Detective Pikachu”. The new and upcoming “Pokemon” live action movie has landed the director of “Goosebumps” to work on its production. Just Nov. 30, it has been revealed that Legendary Entertainment has chosen Rob Lettermen to direct the said film adaptation.

Aboard with Letterman in the upcoming production are “Guardians of the Galaxy” writer, Nicole Perlman, and “Gravity Falls” writer Alex Hirsch. Letterman is an American film director popular for directing animated movie hits and started his career as a director when he helped created “Los Gringos” in 1999. His famous movies include “Shrek” in 2001, “Shark Tale” in 2004, and “Monster vs. Aliens” in 2009.

He started out with animated movies and eventually ventured on live action adaptations. His latest film is “Goosebumps”, which was an adaptation of the horror comedy book series written by R.L Stine. He has taken three more projects to direct. Along with the new “Pokemon” movie, he will be directing the “Dungeons and Dragons” movie as well as the sequel to “Goosebumps” that was released in 2015.

With the decent reception “Goosebumps” received when it was released in theaters and grossing $150.1 million box office for North America and all overseas countries, Legendary Entertainment is hoping that the new “Pokemon” movie will do just as well. “Pokemon: Detective Pikachu” will center on Pikachu as the main protagonist of the movie. Production is set to kick off in early 2017 but details on its possible official release as well as the cast have yet to be announced.

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