PlayStation VR News: Surgeon Simulator ER Is Now Available

People's heads are lured away by the yummy PlayStation Experience event over the weekend that some awesome news get left behind or get unattended. However, Sony has not forgotten their little game titles within the ever-growing PlayStation games library. The PSX has revealed a plethora of games immediately ready for download right after their announcements.

One of the small time titles that didn't get the shine of spotlight is Surgeon Simulator ER. This is boss Studios' newest baby (not human baby), the awesome team also created I Am Bread. Surgeon Simulator ER is a successor of a similar theme. The game makes its way to the PlayStation VR and asks its players to perform very complex surgeries with just a few tools available

As everyone knows, FYI on some, early VR player feedback mostly says that controls are hard to master. This makes the game more humorous as it is the purpose of the title to begin with. It is important to note that the game does not take surgery seriously. It does however make you feel guilty when you open up someone's and just disorganize everything inside.

There are also gimmicks within the game's levels, or shall we say operating table, such as performing an operation in complete darkness. The game may not be for everyone as blood and gore are explicitly implemented within the game and within some person's internal organs. Players are tasked to perform surgeries by using the PS Move Controllers which makes the game very hard but enjoyable at the same time.

Surgeon Simulator ER is now available for download via the PlayStation Network. The game will also be released on the HTC Vive today, followed by an Oculus Touch version on Dec 6. If cutting open someone and pretending doctor is your thing, then you should check this game out. As their slogan says, 'Bring the ER to VR!'

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