This Game Is Badly Beating Pokemon GO In Japan

There's no doubt that Pokemon GO is still among the highly celebrated titles of today. It seems, though, that a studio is ready to rival Niantic, the developer of the said mobile game. Inch by inch, Sony Corp. is gradually launching a game called Fate/Grand Order. And where exactly it's making history? Well, it's in Japan -- the home turf of Pokemon.

According to Bloomberg, Sony's title is based on the hit anime series called Fate. On it, players are given the chance to travel back in time. But not just that, doing so allows them to form a team with historical figures such as Leonardo da Vinci and Julius Caesar, among others. The basic version is deemed free, but for those who want to ease the game (adding more characters and speeding up gameplay), they can do so by purchasing tokens.

Much to the surprise of Pokemon GO fans, Fate/Grand Order is actually making a name in Japan. As of this writing, it's among the country's top app in terms of revenue. So far, it has been downloaded for around 7 million times -- more or less. It debuted back in July last year.

Believe it or not, Sony's game has actually earned more revenues compared to Niantic's. Among the many Android users, the aforesaid revenue has been accumulated in 104 days out of 133. As for the iOS device, it's sitting at the same figure for around 51 days. In a sense, it's really competing toe to toe with PoGO.

Damian Thong, a Macquarie Group Ltd analyst in Tokyo, Fate/Grand Order has accumulated more money than Pokemon GO. "It's up there above," Thong said. Sony's title, as what he mentioned, is far more successful in terms of "Intensity and engagement level."

This is also surprising in one way or another. Why? That's because Japan is considered the land and birthplace of Pokemon. Hence it's only understand if Pokemon GO topped the charts during its release in the country. Well, that seems to be a thing in the past considering the existence of the new game.

What are your thoughts on the rivalry between Pokemon GO and Fate/Grand Order? Have you tried playing the latter already? Let us know what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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