Is Clash Of Clans Getting A Sequel Soon?

Clash of Clans might not be as new as Pokemon GO (or any other hit mobile games out there), its popularity is still blazing high. Adding to that, Supercell has been faithful in releasing updates and fixes. But hey, there are rumors now that the studio is looking to release the game's sequel soon. This is definitely worth investigating.

According to Neurogadget, there are those who are speculating that a follow-up to the game will be coming. In fact, if rumors are true, this has already entered the development stage. This rooted from the uncertainty of the next update, which is deemed to arrive this month.

Whether or not the sequel will bear the title Clash of Clans 2, it's actually not impossible for Supercell to move forward into such direction. This is deemed as part of their long-term plans for the titular mobile game. It's worth noting that since the title's release, a huge part of market and/or gaming industry are (and still) celebrating it.

The second installment could also be the main reason why the December update is yet to be found. That probably, in one way or another, the studio is shifting its focus and resources on the follow-up. As for the update, it's rumored to introduce a couple of hefty features.

One of the speculated features coming to Clash of Clans is the VR capability. But of course, most -- if not all -- players are skeptical. That's because it's hard to grasp just how such feature will exist in a mobile game. But hey, that doesn't mean Supercell isn't capable of doing it.

If the sequel is to be true, players can expect more characters and in-game features to be offered. It may not be unique to the franchise, it'll definitely offer stuff that'll make it even more interesting. But still, it's best to take these rumors as grain of salt.

What are your thoughts on Clash of Clans having a sequel? If it's going to happen, what are your expectations? Do you think Supercell should really move forward with such feat? Let us know at the comment section below!

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