Here's How To Be The Bill Gates Of No Man's Sky

Steam's Top Money Makers for 2016
No Man's Sky is one of Steam's top money makers for 2016. Photo : Careless Gamers / YouTube

Believe it or not, some players have actually been using money-generating techniques in Hello Games' No Man's Sky. And yeah, this is actually something that you might want to consider. With the arrival of a new update, you can't help but get tempted with those new ships or freighters. Besides, the process is very simple and unburdening.

First off, you'll be needing the mineral called Mordite. It can be acquired from various animal corpses, something you can kill by either using blasters or lasers. If you're not keen into murdering these procedurally generated fauna, there are floras that can help you out. Take for example the Carrion Root, which is a plantable flower of sort. It can be unlocked as soon as you start the farming quest tree process.

In No Man's Sky, as wonderful as it can be, the aforementioned mineral is a bit terrible. Why? That's because it can only be sold for only 13.8 units. This is really a crap especially when compared to the likes of Emeril and Gold. But hey, once you get hold of the Lubricants this is where things will start to get interesting. Lubricants are basically among the last blueprints that you should be able to unlock in the so-called baseline-building missions.

In the game, Lubricants (not to be associated with, you know) are being used to create any sort of things -- from landing pads all the way to some of the techy stuff. But believe me, it only costs 40 Mordite to make at least 1 Lubricant. And if you are to sell the latter in the market, you'd be earning -- wait for it -- at least 39,000 units. Want to get the bigger picture? That should be less than 560 Mordites equal to the said figure -- and all of these in a press of a single button. Viola!

Whether you agree or not, nothing in the game can be compared to the kind of profit you'll be getting. Sure, you can grind on both Gravino Balls and Sac Venome; however, in the long run, you'll get far less from doing it time to time. But if you're going for a Mordite farm, you'll be the Bill Gates of No Man's Sky in no time. And think about this: the plants (if you're going full-flora) only require 6 minutes for respawning. I believe that's the fastest in the game, or at least as far as I've observed.

Let's say you'll go planting Carrion Roots in No Man's Sky. If you're able to acquire 40 plants, you should be at the right spot. But of course, you can do more if you're in for pure grinding and planting. Since each of these plants are able to produce 20 to 25 Mordites, you'll be getting 1,000 Mordites in a quick period of time -- that is 6 minutes. And mind you, that's already 25 Lubricants in total, and if sold, you're likely to earn 975,000 units/credits. Units received, eh?

So what's the key here? If you're to dedicate your time in grinding and stuff, do it with Mordite. Follow the aforementioned process and, in a matter of time, you'll be a No Man's Sky millionaire. And with a little bit of a push, it's very likely for you to be Bill Games (at least in the video game).

What are your thoughts on this farming technique in No Man's Sky? Any other tips you can share? Let us know at the comment section below!

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