No Man's Sky Update: The $150 Collector's Edition Is Still Unavailable

No Man's Sky continues to be a controversial topic in the gaming industry of today. Besides, all the talks that Hello Games is experiencing, it's almost impossible to veer away from these mishaps. But hey, it seems the issues don't stop there. Now, fans are complaining as to why the game's Collector's Edition has yet to be shipped.

It's worth noting that No Man's Sky has been here for nearly 4 months or so. So, it's only safe to think that the Collector's Edition should've been released way before. However, until now, it's nowhere to be found. And obviously, players or fans who bought or preordered it are left wondering.

According to TweakTown, the aforementioned version of No Man's Sky won't be available until December this year. And this is really frustrating, considering the fact that pre-orders were made way back in March. If one is to do the math, players have been waiting for over eight months. Obviously, this isn't doing Hello Games a huge favor. The studio even has to consider all the troubles they're experiencing, and now this.

The Collector's Edition of No Man's Sky is priced at $150, with the base game being sold at $60. Without a doubt, it's an expensive product, so to speak. So, for players who wanted it, its delay is only causing headaches. There are players, though, who -- instead of playing the waiting game -- opted to process refunds for their pre-orders. But as for those who want to wait, they need to continue doing so until the end of this year.

While numerous reports point to December being the release window of No Man's Sky Collector's Edition, there's no telling if it's going to happen. Why? That's simply because Hello Games hasn't announce any official date. Worst case scenario? It could again go to limbo.

As of this writing, the developer of No Man's Sky has yet to comment on the delay of the Collector's Edition. Heck, they haven't even gave a single word regarding the upcoming patches and/or contents they promised. These are just among the many promises that the studio failed to meet.

What are your thoughts on No Man's Sky Collector's Edition being delayed in terms of shipment? Have you also pre-ordered it early this year? Did you resort to refunds instead? Share us what your thoughts are at the comment section below!

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