'Dance Moms' Season 7 Episode 2 Updates: Two New Girls Join The Team; Cathy Nesbitt-Stein Makes Dramatic Comeback?

"Dance Moms" season 7 had a dramatic entrance last week with its premiere episode where Abby Lee Miller dropped her biggest announcement. As season 7 continues with its second episode, fans are about to see a more explosive face-off as Abby's greatest nemesis, Cathy Nesbitt-Stein, returns to the show.

Latest spoilers and the official synopsis of the "Abby's Worst Nightmare" episode confirm the previous speculations that the ALDC coach will cut her team and send several dancers home. While the synopsis has not yet divulged who Abby will be releasing this season, earlier reports revealed that the "Dance Moms" production sent the Minis home.

The Super Team And The Two New Dancers

After all the arguments and the drama that went down in season 6 finale, Abby has since been determined to create one Super Team that will compete under the ALDC brand. The disagreements and the jealousy surrounding the Minis and the Junior Elite Team moms are recognized by the ALDC owner as major factors contributing to the problems that the group is currently facing. To address the issue that Abby is becoming neglectful of some of her dancers, she decided on episode one to retain only one team that she will supervise and bring to competitions.

Another buzz has it that two dancers from the Minis team are about to level up and join the Junior Elite Team. Elliana Walmsley and Lilliana Ketchman were named as new members of the Elites and are now sure of their spot in Abby's new Super Team.

Recent spoilers also have it that eight new girls are about to join the ALDC dancers where two of them will debut on the upcoming episode. Camryn Bridges and Daviana Fletcher are reportedly brought in by Abby, but who these girls will replace are yet to be revealed.

The ALDC Faces The Candy Apple's Dance Center

Cathy and her dancers are about to make things more difficult for Abby and her Super Team. In the season 7 trailer, Abby is seen to have the biggest shock of her life as Cathy makes her dramatic entrance.

Cathy, after leaving the ALDC with her daughter Vivi-Anne in season 1, formed her own dance studio in Canton, Ohio which she named Candy Apple's Dance Center. With the return of Cathy, the moms are now worrying about Abby's ability to hold her team together as they go against the Candy Apple in future competitions.

The upcoming episode will show the ALDC and the Candy Apple dancers performing at the Fierce National Dance Competition held on Sept. 17. Brynn, Camryn, Nia, Kalani, Daviana and Kendall dominated the competition where their lyrical dance gained them first place.

Fans will have to wait for other revelations as "Dance Moms" season 7, episode 2 airs on Dec. 6 on Lifetime.

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