WWE News, Predictions: AJ Styles Won Despite His Exposed Posterior; Phenomenal One To Face The Undertaker; Dean Ambrose Challenges James Ellsworth

AJ Styles proved that he deserved the title during the "Tables, Ladders & Chairs" match with Dean Ambrose. Despite tearing his tights right in the middle of his posterior, he was not deterred from going all out in the ring. James Ellsworth who was sporting an injury, thanks to Styles, went inside the ring and made an unexpected move - he turned against his friend, Ambrose.

AJ Styles Vs. Dean Ambrose

The latest match between AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose featured Hall of Famer moves. Ambrose is at home with the "Tables, Ladders & Chairs" match given his past matches. Dean Ambrose used the Vertical Suplex Powerbomb on Styles but it was not enough to keep the Phenomenal One down. Styles, not to be outdone, performed a move on Ambrose through a table. Styles' springboard 450 splash was one of the highlights of their match.

The two wrestlers were going all out and Ambrose almost had his chance in getting the title if not for the interference of Ellsworth. Instead of helping Ambrose, Ellsworth pushed the ladder and Ambrose crashed while Styles climbed up the ladder to retrieve the title. In the middle of the match, Styles had a wardrobe malfunction and his tights ripped in the middle but this did not stop him.

Possible Matches

 After the exciting "Tables, Ladders & Chairs" match, there were stronger predictions that WWE is moving with the AJ Styles versus The Undertaker storyline.

Prior to the match, betting odds were favorable for Styles given the rumors that the WWE is grooming him for a match with Undertaker. The match might happen at The Royal Rumble or at Wrestlemania 33.

Ellsworth turning his back on Ambrose was indeed a shocking move, but his intentions are not clear. Ellsworth will get his title match on Smackdown on Tuesday, Dec. 6 and he made a statement that if he wins, Ambrose will be the first in line. Clearly, a James Ellsworth versus Dean Ambrose match is in the works.

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