'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 71, 72 News & Spoilers: Goku Faces Hit’s Powerful Techniques; Ultimate Fight Airs On Dec. 25

By Mandy Adams , Dec 05, 2016 12:20 PM EST

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 71 spoilers released weeks ago teased that the episode will feature Universe 6 fighter Hit. Based on the latest reports, Hit will not just be in one episode as he will be back on episode 72. While it is unlikely that Hit will have a full arc, his appearance in DBS will be action-packed and he would have some moves that fans have not seen before.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 71

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 71 will reintroduce Hit. The legendary assassin made his first appearance in the Universe 6 tournament but he was handcuffed due to the rules of the game. Hit was supposedly one of the best assassins and he is prohibited from using his techniques to avoid killing anyone in the tournament.

This time, Hit will be hired by someone to target Goku. There are no clues who hired the assassin but Goku will know that Hit is after him. Goku will not die in this episode. However, Hit will not go easy on Goku especially now that he can use his real strength.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 72

Based on the latest official spoilers, "Dragon Ball Super" episode 72 is entitled "Counterattack an Unforeseen Assassination Attack." The big fight between Goku and Hit will take place in this episode. This time, Goku will see how strong Hit is. Hit was held back by handcuffs during the Universe 6 tournament but since he is on an assassination attempt now, he can use his full strength to carry out the mission.

There are rumors that Goku will die and Hit will be successful. However, based on the predictions of a popular "Dragon Ball" fan, Goku's death is quite unlikely. While Hit is definitely getting a mini arc, the big arc that will succeed the Future Trunks arc is yet to be unveiled. There are reports that Akira Toriyama will announce the next saga in mid-December.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 71 will be aired on Dec. 18 while episode 72 will air on Dec. 25. While waiting, watch the first fight between Hit and Goku during the Universe 6 tournament below.

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