Beyonce Concerned About Kanye West Despite The Drama, Kim Kardashian Ready To Feud With The Queen?

Beyonce is one of the kindest hearted person alive ever. The Queen doesn't care who you are, what race are you from and what happened to your past. She just wants to help if help is needed.

Beyonce Concerned About Kanye West Despite The Recent Rant

Kanye West rant against The King and Queen was stopped when he was rushed to the hospital. It's no secret that Kanye West hates Jay Z and Beyonce due to various reasons. Kanye is the type of person that will say what he wants regardless of what the outcome will be. His collection of tirade is epic, to say the least. He understands that he is very influential and he is using his stardom to affect others spotlight.

The Chicago Native started his rant when his wife, Kim Kardashian met a robbery scandal. It was reported that the reality star was visibly shaken and mentally stunned. Kanye West was expecting Beyonce and Jay Z to at least assist them, but it didn't happen. No call or text received from the King and Queen of the music business. This triggered Kanye West his quest against them. He was stating about the importance of being a family. He reiterates the word "family" and why it seems that Jay Z and Beyonce doesn't care at all.

Diamonds Are Not Forever

During the last report made. It was fully discussed why Kanye West hates the royal couple. However, a notable magazine reported that Jay Z and Beyonce has and always been annoyed with the Brash Mouth from Chi-Town. Jay Z then again provoked Kanye West when they made a stunning move with Apple against Tidal. Mr West said to the media How are you were feelin'?' You wanna know how I'm feeling? Come by the house," Kanye reacted. "Bring the kids by the house, like we brothers...Our kids ain't never even played together," he ended.

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