How A Man Discovered A Gold Mine From a PlayStation 4 Dev Kit

The maxim "what's trash for others is gold for someone else" is real to a guy when he discovered that the throw-away Playstation 4 dev kit he bought at an auction contained something valuable.

A Redditor with the codename kaneda2004 created a storm on Reddit when he declared that the PlayStation 4 dev kit he had is loaded with 800 GB of data from an unreleased game from the makers of Sleeping Dogs.

The said Reddit user said he brought it at a bankruptcy auction by United Front Games, the makers of Sleeping Dogs. The said auction was to clear a bunch of stuff after the surprise announcement last October that they are closing their doors.

Aside from the video and audio equipment, TV sets, and other server gears, the said user stumbled upon a PS4 dev kit which he paid for $500. For those who are not aware of a dev kit, they are used to make games and it costs five times more than what kaneda2004 paid.

Many who are aware of what dev kits are have been wondering why in the first place it was auctioned. Normally, Sony lend these dev kits to game makers so that they can test out the games they are developing. Moreover, these types of PS4 consoles are protected with a special firmware which that makes the equipment unusable after their license expires. The usual time period is 90 days, after which the owner has to pay for the renewal in order to use the kit.

What's more surprising is the fact that the Reddit user got the special PS4 NEO dev kit made especially for the PS4 Pro. But there are more surprises as he soon discovered that the kit has 800 GB of data. He tried to extract it and asked for some help how to extract the data out. His goal, however, is to preserve whatever United Front was working on at that time.

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