FIFA 17 Gay Propaganda? The Russians Think So

FIFA 17 developer EA finds itself with a bigger and formidable foe it seems - the Russian MPs. The Russians accused the developer of supporting gay propaganda which is harmful to children.

Russian MPs were really pissed with EA this time accusing the developer that it is supporting gay propaganda that is dangerous to the development and health of children.

The incident the Russians are referring to was EA's support to the LGBT group by promoting the Rainbow Laces campaign. EA invites all FIFA 17 supporters to support the LGBT community by wearing the colorful laces.

The Rainbow laces campaign started by the UK LGBT rights advocates Stonewall. They started it to bring awareness to people and to combat homophobia, transphobia, and biphobia in football. This was an initiative after statistics revealed that 72 percent of fans have become recipients of anti-LGBT remarks in the last five years. Aside from EA, the Premier League and various social media platforms have also been supporting the campaign by posting materials about the matter.

Aside from supporting this campaign in real-life football, EA supported this through their game by allowing players on the virtual field to don their teams and players with rainbow uniforms. This campaign ended on November 28.

What might bring enlightenment to the UK, the Russians are taking it as an attack to morality. Russia's Izvestia newspaper criticized the sports game developer saying the game was for all ages and that such campaign is a violation to the 2013 law that states such propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations will gravely affect children.

To stop the supposed propaganda from further poisoning the minds of Russians, especially the children, Russian MPs asked the state communications oversight agency to take action against the game company and the FIFA 17 sports game. They are asking the government to ban the game altogether.

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