Overwatch News: Players React To Evermore, The First Person To Reach 5000 SR

Overwatch Season 3 is finally up and you may be thinking that it's the perfect time to reach the top, right? But guess what; someone had already reached the cap! Today, a Korean player managed to reach the SR limit of the game which is currently capped at 5000 Skill Rating - making him the first player to have ever done so. Check out how he managed to climb to the top and the various reactions about him from the Overwatch community.

Overwatch Rank 1 Worlwide: Evermore

Evermore, a Korean player has just reached 5000 SR which is currently the SR limit of the game. And aside from achieving the world first feat, what's more surprising is the fact that he managed to reach the top in just over 7 hours of playtime. To further alienate his God-like skills from the rest, take note that his account wasn't eligible for Overwatch Leaderboards until today due to the fact that his total games for Season 3 was well below 50 games. You can check out his Leaderboard profile here.

Overwatch Community Reacts To Evermore

A Reddit thread shows the mix reactions about Evermore and the new Overwatch SR Ranking System. According to some, reaching 5k is possible with the help of the SR boost - to which Evermore has fully utilized during the launch of Season 3. If you want to learn more about how the new Ranking System works, check out the full article here. With the help of the SR boost, Evermore reached the SR cap after winning 13 consecutive games following his placement matches.

How Did He Do it?

Despite getting the world-first achievement, Evermore's feat didn't come to a surprise considering that the guy was already Rank 1 worldwide in the previous Overwatch Season which was roughly below 4,800 SR. Including his placement matches, Evermore's total games for Season 3 was only 45 (40-5) and is still currently sitting on the number 1 spot.

What More Is There?

Now that he reached the cap, what actually is there for Evermore? Well, many are speculating that Blizzard may patch Overwatch Ranking System which will remove the SR limit of Grand Master in order to make room for growth once players hit the cap. But one crazy idea is that, will it be possible for Blizzard to create a tier that surpasses Grand Master? To most, it may not be plausible for the time being but for a game that's molded with perpetual competition, it's only a matter of time before people will start saturating the top tiers of the game.

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